Identity work for Den, a brand born from a DIY spirit offering architectural plans and ready-to-assemble cabin kits to help build an affordable and beautiful space in nature, little to zero experience required.

The brand identity, from the name to the packaging, was built from a down-to-earth approach that reflects the essence of the product: bold self-assurance, thoughtfully considered space, and pragmatic visuals.

Florence Rivest

Cabin photography
Brandon Schulman

Brand identity
Publication design
Project photography

The main inspiration behind the design system is my dad’s home repair manual from the 70s: pragmatic layouts with ample use of negative space and solid blocks, a rich color palette, and an overall sense of clarity.

Manuel complet du bricolage
Reader’s Digest Selection, 1975

Pictured next: the first in a series of publications both practical and light-hearted exploring the tenets of cabin building. This one introduces Den’s manifesto as its centerfold.

The guide makes extensive use of the no-nonsense graphic system and comes full circle with the initial visual inspiration for the project.

A set of illustrations, also informed by home repair and building manuals, was developed to express the brand values. Taking the form of simple drawings focused on manual actions, they are infused with a clever sensibility distinctive to their creator.

Manuel complet du bricolage
Reader’s Digest Selection, 1975

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